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  • How to tile a background image in Android

    For one of the apps I'm working on I wanted to have a nice pixel pattern tiled behind my widgets.
    After a little bit of hunting around I found this tutorial, and I thought I'd clean up the lessons within and show you how.

    Here's the contents of my main.xml layout file,

    which is referenced in code in the standard way like this:

    Now note this line:

    What's going on there?
    .. Glad you asked!

    Here's a quick screenshot of the contents of one of my drawable folders in my project:

    What is this

    Well, here's the contents of that file here:

    Can you see what's going on?
    Backrepeat.xml defines an instance of the BitmapDrawable class, and that class references our simple scale1.jpg, located in the drawable-hdpi folder.

    Simply by adding the:

    line in bold, we are able to achieve results such as this:

    Easy isn't it?

    One thing to keep in mind is that you should have folders drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi & drawable-ldpi, you'll need to add this backrepeat.xml file and the relevant images to each of these to allow this functionality in high, medium and low dpi (dots per inch) screen sizes.


    How to Customize Android Theme & Background

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