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  • Как отключить обновления в браузере Pale Moon

  • @LimboSlam: I think that I understand what “forked” means :-)

    Yes, Pale Moon is a fork. But it is currently way too close to Firefox (deliberately) to consider it a product on its own. In particular, pretty much all security issues discovered in Firefox affect Pale Moon as well. It’s a massive code base that they set out to maintain on their own, and I have strong doubts that they are really up to it. But in the end that’s something for the users to decide and not really the point here.

    There was the possibility to fork the user interface only while using the Gecko platform as it is (the SeaMonkey project did that), we would support Pale Moon without asking twice then. But the platform was forked as well – which means that Pale Moon is currently running on something sort of like an outdated Gecko, with a number of undocumented differences. If we want to know what their platform is capable of then we cannot look it up on MDN or somewhere else, we have to study the commit history or just try it.

    This means that supporting Pale Moon requires investing an effort that is comparable to supporting Safari. We would have to explicitly consider Pale Moon for all changes we make, very likely produce special builds for it (yes, we can “dumb down” constructs like ECMAScript generators automatically for platforms that don’t support them, but we never had to do it for Gecko-based applications) and test it like an independent product.

    The latter is particularly critical: for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird we rely mostly on community testing, we simply don’t have the resources to test these platforms explicitly. So we assume that a change that works in Firefox will work there as well – and we only check if somebody tells us about issues. That’s a viable approach because issues are very rare (same Gecko as for Firefox) and the community has a non-negligible size.

    That wouldn’t work for Pale Moon however. We are bound to introduce new issues all the time – ECMAScript generators was merely the one I could already see coming when people came asking us to support Pale Moon. And the Pale Moon community is tiny, filter list download numbers indicate around 10000 installs of Adblock Plus and Adblock Lattitude together. That means that issues will usually not be discovered before release, and the community won’t report minor issues even for releases. That’s confirmed by Adblock Lattitude which is essentially Adblock Plus 2.5.1 – it’s very outdated and it has known bugs (yes, bugs affecting Pale Moon as well), I guess that nobody reported these bugs yet. Having permanently broken releases isn’t really something that can be aligned with our quality standards…

    And – no, not even creating a branch for Pale Moon based on Adblock Plus 2.5.1 is a permanent solution. There are several filter syntax changes coming up, meant especially to counter anti-adblock scripts. Applying these changes to an outdated codebase will be complicated and error-prone, and without them Adblock Plus for Pale Moon would become increasingly less effective than the Firefox version over time.

    That’s what I was trying to explain in, yet people still seem to think that we merely needed to add support for the Pale Moon GUID and be done with it.


    Как отключить обновления в браузере Pale Moon

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    17.03.2018 Рада:
    X We love ad blockers as much as you, but we depend on ad revenue to fund various sites and services.  Adblock Latitude is a direct fork of Adblock Plus made specifically for the Pale Moon browser.

    25.03.2018 Дарья:
    И вот на протяжении последней недели начались тревожные звонки на форумах и в соцсетях, сообщавшие: AdBlock Plus в Pale Moon’е неожиданно перестаёт работать.

    19.02.2018 hutomana:
    Не для кого не секрет что обычный адблок для фаерфокса не работает на браузере Pale Moon. Для преодоления этой проблемы наш сегодняшний урок)).

    22.02.2018 Дорофей:
    Если вы установили настоящий "adblock plus" (с сайта, добавьте к нему "Element Hiding helper для Adblock plus", а так же "adblock plus Popup Addon".

    28.02.2018 hindtirtito:
    Pale Moon web browser Détails des application.  Télécharger APK. Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock. Dernier v. 12.1.0. 03 août 2017. Télécharger APK.

    26.02.2018 quibelga1979:
    Pale Moon. Auteur/éditeur: Palemoon. Présentation  Pale Moon propose une version de Firefox optimisée pour les systèmes d'exploitation Windows.