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  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Extended Version)

  • I think this is probably one of the few Harry Potter fanfictions I'm actually proud off ^^ I'll start by saying I own nothing. Everything belongs to J.K Rowling and I'm simply playing with the plot.

    Now with the warnings: This contains Dark!OOC!Harry and OOC!Voldemort (I always thought Voldemort was underdeveloped as a villain in the HP series.) as well as torture. It was supposed to be a oneshot but I decided to turn it into a small series instead :) I hope you all enjoy, and you have been warned.

    "Crucio." One word.

    The chaotic beam of crimson erupted from his wand, speeding through the air towards an unsuspecting Bellatrix Lestrange. The resounding scream of sheer pain that left the woman filled Harry with a strange sense of glee and Excitement. He watched, breathing erratically as the insane woman thrashed around on the ground, her limbs twitching and flailing as the torture curse consumed her in an internal, raging inferno of pure pain.

    The seductive darkness of the spell flowed throughout his body, filling him to the brim with this addictive power that almost brought him to his knees. Wave after wave of consuming darkness washed over Harry and he could barely remember the whimpering Bellatrix who lay in shock upon the cold, dark floor that reflected her soul.

    "That's it Harry..." An almost soothing yet cold voice cocooned him. "There is no good nor evil... Only power... And those to weak to seek it." Harry could already imagine the burning red eyes of Lord Voldemort as he materialized behind the vengeful teenager. "So much rage... She deserves it Harry... She killed Sirius. You know the spell." Lord Voldemort whispered once more - So much more seductive and inviting than the usual high, sibilant tone Harry was used to.

    "I can't..." He replied, a visible note of apprehension and longing in his voice. Even Harry did not believe his own statement as his wand arm twitched with a desirable urge to use the spell once more... To have Bellatrix scream for mercy beneath his wand... Harry shook the fantasies away, his eyes half glazed as he tore the green emeralds away from the scene in front of him.

    "You lie..." Voldemort sounded vaguely amused. "We both know it... The rush of power, the excitement... The pleasure." He could feel the Dark Lord's spindly, pale hands ghost over the fabric of his navy jumper. There was no pain in their contact for once, and yet he didn't find himself repulsed. Everything seemed heightened, he could feel the sheer force of power radiating off of the powerful figure behind him - He didn't even bother to deny it... Being surrounded by the seductive, addictive darkness was clouding his mind. "Don't deny yourself Harry. Use the curse."

    His ethereal green orbs glowed with rage and a bubbling darkness rose within him as he found himself complying with Voldemort. His wand rose, level and calm as he prepared himself to whisper the two words that would end the bitches miserable existence. The slither of guilt that soon followed, however, was quickly squished by the need for Revenge - Revenge for his parents, for Sirius, for Neville's parents... Revenge for everything. Determination replaced the guilt and the tip of his wand glowed with the ominous presence of the Killing curse as his eyes met Bellatrix's for the first time throughout this conversation - They were no longer filled with pain, rather they contained a mixture of insane pleasure and pride as if she was doing him a favour.

    His face contorted into a dark, sadistic smirk as he waved mockingly at Bellatrix, lips moving to produce the spell that would end this miserable witches life. "Avada Kedav-" The anticipation dwindled as he was interrupted by the familiar green roar as practically an entire crowd of Witches and Wizards entered the ministry at once. Most noticeable was Fudge, who was staring at the scene in shock, his pudgy eyes almost popping.

    Harry raised an eyebrow, glancing between the Minister and Dumbledore who had 'promptly' arrived moments ago before turning back to the fallen Bellatrix who was grinning viciously at him. Oh how he wanted to wipe that smile off of her face... And that's exactly what he was going to do.

    "Avada Kedavra."

    So? Outstanding? Troll? I really hope you guys liked it, and drop a comment if you have any criticism as I would love to improve ^^

    Thanks for reading,



    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Extended Version)

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